Jun 142013

With the exception of himself,
everybody else was culpable in Michael Jackson’s death from an overdose of
powerful anesthetic propofol, it appears!

What other conclusion can I draw?
Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been convicted of
involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison, his argument
that “Jackson, who was tired and
under pressure from rehearsing, took eight tablets of lorazepam, a sedative and that when he left the room,
Jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that, with the lorazepam, created a perfect storm in his body that killed
him instantly”, found to be patently bogus.

So, the Courts have determined that Murray had a role to play.

A few weeks ago, the Jackson family filed a £26billion law suit against concert promoters AEG following
the singer’s death in 2009. According to news port TMA, Katherine, Michael’s
mother, and his three children “are seeking £6.6billion to make up for the loss
of his future earnings after the series of planned concerts that were scheduled
before his death were cancelled.” £19.8billion is also expected in other

As promised by AEG, nasty things are beginning to emerge:
Jackson had a permanent make up, he wore a wig, he touched up his eyebrows, his
nose had endured one to many nose jobs, he had no needle marks on his body, he
did this, he did that and it makes you wonder whether the lawsuit is worth the
dirty laundry! The case of the family is that Murray was not competent and as a
cardiologist, was not the correct physician for Jackson. They have also accused
AEG of not doing due diligence in agreeing to Murray’s recruitment.

So, the family has determined that AEG had a role to play in
Michael’s death.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a Michael Jackson fan with kind
thoughts towards all aspects of his life, not least being his phenomenal talent
and musicianship. I am however compelled to ask, upon sober reflection, why the
family now appears to be holding everybody responsible for Michael’s death
except they themselves or Michael himself? It may well be time to interrogate
what role Jackson and the Jackson family played in his own death. Knowing his
addiction to pain medication, knowing how Jackson reportedly asked security to
keep away prying eyes, as Jackson was the one that took the decision as to
which physician ought to be hired for the upcoming concerts, as Jackson was the
one who fell so thoroughly in love with propofol he called it “milk”, as family
members also knew his addiction challenges and must have attempted to do
something about it albeit unsuccessfully because Michael won’t let them, as
Jackson was the one that settled on AEG in the first place to promote “This Is
It”, an unforgettable last concert,  what
was his own role in his death?

Over time, I have come to discover two basically different
reactions to different situations that confront people. There are those who
accept the burden of their situations, accept their own roles and contributions
to their present reality and spring from there unto good interventions to alter
undesirable outcomes and there are others that appear all too ready to blame
other people for their predicament. Fail an examination and they blame the
wicked teachers  for setting too
difficult questions, be unsuccessful at an interview and they blame evil witches
for clouding the judgment of the panel, totally run amok with your emotions and
embark on uncomely behavior and it is others who baited you to  lose your temper. It is never a question of
better preparation or better self-control. It is always someone else that did
it or caused you to do it, never yourself! When are you going to accept that
you also played more than a little part in your current situation, when are you
going to stop playing victim and start taking more than a little responsibility
as an active actor in whatever life’s current drama is?

On a much lighter and perhaps contradictory note, I find it
most amusing comparing this current propensity to sue other people in the Jackson/American
culture to the attitude of the people in my village when an apparently healthy
45 year old hospital employee suddenly died one day in his sleep. The hospital
offered to fund a post mortem at the 37 Military Hospital with the aim of diagnosing
the cause of death and hopefully learning from it and potentially protecting
other potentially genetically susceptible family members.

Come and see a flood of delegations. First came the ‘ordinary’
relations and then came the assembly men and other local government officials from
the area and then came the chiefs and queen mothers “to beg the hospital to release
the body.” A common thread run through their rather simple message, “it is God
who gives. It is the same God who takes. We have come to accept that it is God
himself who took our brother away. His death is the will of God. Insisting on
post mortems and investigations creates the impression that we are suspicious
of the cause of his death. This is unnecessary especially since we have already
accepted his death. Please release him so that we can bury our brother

Needless to say, there was no post mortem and the body was
subsequently released for burial. Can you ever imagine this family turning
around to sue the hospital for over working him and not taking adequate
measures to screen him for earlier signs of ill health, blaming the widow for poisoning
him with her good cooking, blaming his children for wearing him down with their
block headedness, and never once considering what he or they could have done to
avert the disaster? Of course, that was not the ending in this case but with
current happenings in the second Jackson trial, it could well have been!


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