Sep 282014
Why I prefer kiosk villa!

Dear Bernard, It was a real pleasure listening to you, Skyy et al on the Citi Breakfast Show the other day. You were simultaneously insightful and hilarious. You became the voice of the voiceless consumer, questioning why prices almost never reduce in forward marching Ghana. Using the recent appreciation of the cedi against major currencies as an example, you literally Read More

Jan 162014
In The Name of Cybercrimes in Ghana

It was because the email advertising the prestigious International job came from his brother that Kofi finally responded. His guard was completely down because the fraudsters had such a strong cloak of ‘credibility’. Besides, it was not one of those obviously scummy emails: a friend allegedly stranded in Kukuanaland and begging you to wire 10, 000 sterling. Or you are Read More

Apr 222012
Experiencing the Saudi oil wealth: lessons for Ghana

“Developing countries do want to develop and become modern. This requires the economic wherewithal. Oil becomes a major provider of wealth that is capable of transforming a backward underdeveloped country into a modern country and society. Several developing countries in and outside Africa have lately been entering the oil industry. But the evidence is clear that new oil wealth has been Read More

Sep 182010
E-Zwich Ambush!

Back in Dzodze, a family trip any day to neighboring Aflao or to Ho the regional capital qualifies as a major successful outing worth celebrating and breaking benign bottles over. So one can imagine what happens whenever I storm the Accra Mall as I did last Sunday. It is obvious in a few minutes however that this is no ordinary Read More

Feb 112010
Using ‘communist’ tactics to manage Accra’s Water Crises

For a man for whom running water has been nothing short of miraculous, Mr. T’s reaction to the recent water crises that hit Accra was understandable, even hilarious. “When I hear people complaining so bitterly that water runs through their taps only thrice in a week and calling for improvement, I really wonder what they are talking about. Small water Read More