Aug 102014
Between Ebola and Cassava Flakes

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa is hardly an ideal time for residents in the region to embark on foreign travel. As it turns out, the Americans, many millions of miles away from the action point, are even more paranoid. The decision to fly two infected Americans home from Liberia while treating them with experimental drugs is Read More

Jan 162014
La Tante DC 10 Restaurant – No Children Allowed!

The children who came here were a nuisance – we don’t want them here anymore. With that single statement, Sefakor demolished the yuletide treat planned for and by our team of three adults, three children and one baby in Africa’s first airplane restaurant! If you harbored any dreams of showing your children what eating in an airplane could mean, forget Read More

Jan 162014
In The Name of Cybercrimes in Ghana

It was because the email advertising the prestigious International job came from his brother that Kofi finally responded. His guard was completely down because the fraudsters had such a strong cloak of ‘credibility’. Besides, it was not one of those obviously scummy emails: a friend allegedly stranded in Kukuanaland and begging you to wire 10, 000 sterling. Or you are Read More

Oct 152013
Giants of Our Days in Achimota!

Last week, the 1993 year group of the Old Achimotan Association organized a Teacher’s Appreciation Day to mark twenty years of leaving school. Strategically timed by our executives to coincide with ‘World Teacher’s Day’, the event stimulated great memories as legendary teachers resurfaced. Suddenly, we were students again, celebrating not just Senior House Master Mr. Yirenkyi-Addo’s nicknames “RAYA” and “Addo-Ray” Read More

Aug 212013
Time to Act on Accra’s Disasters!

We all love Prof. Mills, but Ataa Oko loves him more! We cry real tears for Prof. Mills, but for Ataa Oko, it is unadulterated blood.  No matter the depth of sadness the anniversary of his sudden demise evokes, Ataa Oko feels greater pain! He must! Why else will he engage in fisticuffs with a ninety year old national heroine Read More

Jun 142013
Michael Jackson’s Role in Michael Jackson’s Death?

With the exception of himself, everybody else was culpable in Michael Jackson’s death from an overdose of powerful anesthetic propofol, it appears! What other conclusion can I draw? Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison, his argument that “Jackson, who was tired and under pressure from rehearsing, took Read More

May 092013
Wine and Beer Equal Bad Chemistry!

Who would have thought that it would take a hopelessly inebriated Ghanaian beauty at 33,000 ft. above sea level to unravel the morbid pleasures of economy class? Indeed, apart from last week’s flight from Addis to Accra, I can recall only one other flight in which I have been confronted with the spectacle of a fully stoned and physiologically compromised Read More

Mar 192013
Clegg on Achieving Academic Excellence; my take

Robert knew me to be studious in Achimota. Between the sixth form and the University however, I became totally incorrigible. Making top grades was no longer my focus. Already nursing a world view, glorying in the ability to memorize and regurgitate facts in exchange for academic accolades was no longer a motivation. I had become a master of diversions. It Read More

Mar 052013
Where is President Rawlings's autobiography?

Almost 13 years after leaving office after 19 years in power, President Rawlings has not written a single book on his momentous political life! Five years post presidency, President Kufuor has failed to write a single word on what influenced the major decisions of his tenure! President John Mills— four years as Vice President, four as President. Dead! No autobiography! Read More