Sep 282014
Why I prefer kiosk villa!

Dear Bernard, It was a real pleasure listening to you, Skyy et al on the Citi Breakfast Show the other day. You were simultaneously insightful and hilarious. You became the voice of the voiceless consumer, questioning why prices almost never reduce in forward marching Ghana. Using the recent appreciation of the cedi against major currencies as an example, you literally Read More

Sep 282014
Did President Mahama Waste Saliva on Auditor General’s Report?

The Chronicle is yet to be convinced as to whether President Mahama would be dedicated enough to keep vigil to ensure that the Attorney-General truly carries ought the assignment he has given her, otherwise, he may have wasted his saliva. Ghanaian Chronicle July 2013. In modern day Ghana, at least three things are predictable every year: multiple fire outbreaks in Read More

Sep 282014
Is NPP Really Your Alternate Government?

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is clearly in a bind, but is the New Patriotic Party (NPP) a viable alternative? Recent happenings in the run up to the party’s primaries seriously challenge this assertion! The center of the party is not holding. With a rapidly depreciating cedi, indecisive fiscal policies from the Bank of Ghana, public sector wages pegged Read More

Aug 172014
P.V. Obeng; also dead, no book written!

To my mind, the sudden demise of the highly respected Paul Victor Obeng under somewhat tragic circumstances has been made worse by his failure to document his rich political reflections in a personal narrative. Look at the man this way – once considered the defacto Prime Minister of this country spanning a politically turbulent ten year period; a three time Read More

Jul 272014
Hardships, Sacrifice, Self-Reliance and Leadership

If as the Al-Hajj newspaper alleges, the severe reduction in donor inflows to augment our national budget is predicated on government’s pronouncement of a home grown economic strategy, then the government has failed to excel in two main respects. Firstly, the government has failed to coherently articulate the details of this home grown economic strategy to the understanding and appreciation Read More

Feb 282014
Health Experts Dissect President’s Address

It is obvious that President John Mahama hardly impressed Dr. Gilbert Buckle, Executive Director of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), in his second State of the Nation address. This was not for any inaccuracies in health statistics underscoring achievements in specific areas, but more a reflection of inadequate thematic analysis by the President of truly national performance gaps Read More

Dec 172013
Black Pimpernel: Yesterday’s Terrorist, Today’s Saint!

O how times change: Nelson Mandela, the terrorist has died a saint! Quite understandably, African leaders gushed with accolades: Rawlings eulogized a man of spiritual elegance, Kufour likened him to a saint, Akuffo-Addo described him as the outstanding statesman of Africa’s history, Mahama cited his remarkable spirit of forgiveness while Zuma called him father and hero. For Ban ki Moon, Read More

Dec 172013
I am corrupt and so are you!

As for political corruption, we know and abhor too well. Much less acknowledged is the equally dangerous cultural corruption perpetrated by faceless people like you and I. And this is after hearing IDEG’s Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey mourn about a culture of corruption in Ghana. If corruption has become a culture, then it has become by implication, a way of life Read More

Nov 172013
Beauty, Money & Governance: Vikileaks Unleashed!

There are apparently government appointees like Ms. Victoria Hammah, former Deputy Communications Minister, who believe they owe their positions in government to their beauty! But if every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets, then it is to the system that nominated and passed her appointment with flying colors that we must turn and not vanquish the Read More

Oct 142013
Reflecting Over ‘Operation Kill Tsatsu’

Waiting patiently for the opportunity to assess the fierceness of the public response, if any that might greet any further high profile criticism of the Supreme Court ruling on the Presidential election petition took much shorter than I expected. This posture was against the backdrop of the spontaneous uproar and condemnation that Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata’s stinging criticism of Justice Anim-Yeboah Read More