Sep 282014
Why I prefer kiosk villa!

Dear Bernard, It was a real pleasure listening to you, Skyy et al on the Citi Breakfast Show the other day. You were simultaneously insightful and hilarious. You became the voice of the voiceless consumer, questioning why prices almost never reduce in forward marching Ghana. Using the recent appreciation of the cedi against major currencies as an example, you literally Read More

Apr 152013
Our Pastors, Jerusalem & Heaven!

Jerusalem is in heaven!—I once truly believed. So strongly, in fact, that when I heard of some group of people returning from Jerusalem alive, I thought to myself; surely, if one wanted to go to heaven without first dying, then Jerusalem was his best bet. More recently, the matter of visiting the holy land has assumed new national prominence for Read More

Feb 032013
Ghana’s Dead-Alive Partners!

Mama, this man you got married to, he’s dead-alive! Lucky Dube   The moment I heard President John Mahama’s recent declaration that in our hands, yours as well as mine, rests the success or failure of Ghana’s future, I became haunted by the events surrounding my recent frolic into town. “We all, each and every one of us, have a Read More

Jul 042012
P.A.V Ansah; 19 years on!

I would like to believe that my friendship with his daughter had no bearing on the alacrity with which I consumed Prof P.A.V Ansah’s fiery writing back in the early 1990s.   How could it when the period itself was the stuff of which politics, legend and history were made? Revolution was transitioning into democracy, private media was blossoming and Read More

Jun 272012
Keep well, Mr. President!

Exactly a week ago, President Mills died again, and again, resurrected just in time to brief journalists before emplaning for the United States for a “routine medical checkup.” Clearly, if His Excellency were a cat, he would long have exhausted his nine lives by now. By dying and resurrecting so many times, Mills has made mincemeat of the legendary security Read More

May 052011
William, Kate & African kaleidoscopes

A snap vox populi aired by Ghana Television on the night of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton provided both some hilarious moments and points of reflection for patrons in Ghana and elsewhere. In the one that comes readily to mind, a man had occasion to comment thus: “What I like most was the cake. The cake was very very Read More

Feb 192011
Call Me President Adwoa John!

My memories of my childhood vacation visits to my grandfather in Osubeng, Kwahu are all sweet; running around naked like banana, catapult-inspired bird hunting, chasing stubborn bush-rats, ‘Old man’s’ Latin, his ancient typewriter and the curious names of my friends. There was Thomas Frimpong in the Local Authority Primary School who would be locally popularly entrenched as Kwabena Thomas. Other Read More

Jan 122011
Prayer Camps, Human Rights & Mental Health Bill

The fight for the passage of the Mental Health Bill was given a further boost when the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) recently organized a national workshop on Human Rights Violations in Prayer Camps and Access to Mental Health in Ghana. Readers may recall that a week prior to the conference, Dr Akwasi Osei, Acting Chief Psychiatrist had written an Read More

Jan 052011
PRESIDENT MILLS has touched my skin!

My Missus adopts the view that the positions that many people adopt are often fueled not be principle but primarily by considerations of self-interest. If my knee-jerk reaction to the President’s harsh decision to drastically slash down on the epidemic of workshops/seminars is anything to go by, then I guess today, she stands vindicated. To quote her, “When it touches Read More

Jul 042010
Not Yet ‘All Correct, Sir’!

Depending on one’s viewpoint, the conclusion may be drawn that doctors and police officers either have a mutually enhancing professional relationship or a potentially corrupt one. This viewpoint would inevitably be informed by the many times both professions run into each other in the call of duty. These viewpoints will however not wholly account for the unconcealed bias I intend Read More