Aug 102014
Between Ebola and Cassava Flakes

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa is hardly an ideal time for residents in the region to embark on foreign travel. As it turns out, the Americans, many millions of miles away from the action point, are even more paranoid. The decision to fly two infected Americans home from Liberia while treating them with experimental drugs is Read More

Jan 162014
La Tante DC 10 Restaurant – No Children Allowed!

The children who came here were a nuisance – we don’t want them here anymore. With that single statement, Sefakor demolished the yuletide treat planned for and by our team of three adults, three children and one baby in Africa’s first airplane restaurant! If you harbored any dreams of showing your children what eating in an airplane could mean, forget Read More

Jun 142013
Ethiopia Welcomes Africa!

What a great week to be in Addis Ababa, pretending to be an attending delegate at this auspicious 50th anniversary of the African Union (AU) currently underway under the theme, “Pan Africanism and African Renaissance.” With our hotel awash with visiting AU delegates, our ‘mislabeling’ is anticipated which is why we have copiously accepted an invitation to a welcome reception Read More

May 092013
Wine and Beer Equal Bad Chemistry!

Who would have thought that it would take a hopelessly inebriated Ghanaian beauty at 33,000 ft. above sea level to unravel the morbid pleasures of economy class? Indeed, apart from last week’s flight from Addis to Accra, I can recall only one other flight in which I have been confronted with the spectacle of a fully stoned and physiologically compromised Read More

May 172012
O when the snakes go marching in!

Finally, the son of man and the masses got to see the much-recommended Italian circus currently ongoing at the Efua Sutherland Memorial park and what a blast it was! As it turns out, the outing offered the son of man the unique opportunity to score major points to shore up his rapidly waning domestic reputation, fast depleted by frequent disappearances Read More

Jun 122011
Fighting counterfeit drugs in Ghana

The doctor prescribes an unnamed medication to manage your pain. It comes in flawless packaging …almost. In this true account as relayed by multinational Pfizer, the color has been clinched with floor polish and lead-containing paint while brick dust has been improvised as an adhesive. To top it, boric acid, known for its deleterious effects on the kidney is a Read More

Apr 182011

Somewhere between heaven and hell That is where you will find real freedom We’ve been waiting for so long, for this freedom Lucky Dube Esi Sutherland, lecturer in African Studies, was first to open my eyes to the subtle and not so subtle ways in which images may be used as a powerful tool to tar a group of people. Read More