Mar 052013
Where is President Rawlings's autobiography?

Almost 13 years after leaving office after 19 years in power, President Rawlings has not written a single book on his momentous political life! Five years post presidency, President Kufuor has failed to write a single word on what influenced the major decisions of his tenure! President John Mills— four years as Vice President, four as President. Dead! No autobiography! Read More

Nov 022012
RAWLINGS, MILLS, MAHAMA & THE 2012 ELECTIONS; strategic issues

Now we find out who is the real revolutionary! Bob Marley Has the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) found a founder who appears keen on sinking their electoral fortunes in the 2012 presidential elections with the party appearing quite happy to offer him the platform? To exacerbate matters, the founder appears also to be the inspirational force behind a rival Read More

Jun 082012
John Evans Atta Mills; the annoying political opponent

John Mills, Ghana’s President, is a rather annoying political opponent, nay, enemy, to have! With all due respect! How do you successfully fight someone who doesn’t fight back, doesn’t insult back, doesn’t ridicule back, doesn’t undermine back? Apparently consumed by work, he appears not to hear, feel or see anything evil save his “Better Ghana agenda.” Some call this great Read More

Jun 252011
Mills's GH¢90 Million Campaign Budget Saga

The truth about whether or not President Mills has earmarked GH¢90 million for his party’s nomination slot lies in the identity of the individual who handed the tape over to former President Rawlings. It appears, at least to me, that the appearance of such a tape, at a time when the former President has been tarring the administration with allegations Read More